Need a Palm Springs based Landscape Designer?

Included 3D layout, plant list, and landscape material placement plan. The Coachella Valley is known for some of the best soils for growing plants in southern California. This is only the case when the soil is mended correctly with organic matter. Giuseppe will work with the installer of your choice.

  • Assisting on plant locations
  • Where to place boulders
  • Proper ways of planting in the desert
  • Waterwise irrigation methods

Palm Springs Landscape Designer
Giuseppe Cascio


Giuseppe was born in Santa Monica, CA. With a family background in the entertainment industry, Giuseppe found himself working on opening a Post Production Studio in Santa Monica. Working as a production assistant for a top Hollywood producer, he discovered he was drawn toward set lighting. He decided to try lighting grip working as a stagehand.

Year's later, Giuseppe’s father suggested he move to Palm Desert and work with him at his Landscape Company. Giuseppe started Knight Scapers offering Landscape Design, Lighting Installation, and Landscape Concierge Management.