Landscape Horticulture in Palms Springs and the Coachella Valley

Inspection of irrigation system:

  • Fix broken irrigation emitters
  • Fix damaged or broken PVC irrigation piping
  • Seasonal irrigation timer adjustment
  • Visual inspection of irrigation valves
  • Smart irrigation timer installation
  • Flush irrigation valves to clean out debris

Landscape Lighting:

  • Replace burnt out bulbs
  • Convert incandescent bulbs to LED lamps
  • Check fixtures for erosion and or damage
  • Adjust fixture positions
  • Prune plants & branches blocking light around fixtures
  • Inspect low voltage wiring on tree downlights
  • Bury exposed lighting cables
  • Adjust timers and check for loose wiring in transformers

Plant and Lawn care:

  • Add plant fertilizer and soil amendments as needed
  • Check soil PH and soil moisture retention
  • Apply seed to dead spots on grass and adjust irrigation if needed
  • Maintain artificial grass by adding deodorizer and power booming back to original condition


Our Point of Difference

Knightscapers is educated in environmental Horticulture and knows the do’s and don’ts of planting in the harsh Coachella valley landscape environment.  We believe that proper landscape upkeep is truly the ultimate pest and disease control. We do not use any pesticides, herbicides or any other carcinogenic substances.

Cleaning and maintenance can keep your landscape lights functioning properly. As your landscape matures over time plants branches and roots can damage and move the fixtures out of adjustment. Low voltage wire is not run in a conduit underground so over time it will be moved around by the growing landscape, sometimes pushing the wire to the top of the soil where it becomes exposed. This creates a walking hazard and takes away from the original aesthetic.

Knightscapers offers a one-year warranty on all repair work performed.  One-year warranty on tree replacement, and 3-month warranty on plants and cacti. Parts, fertilizers, deodorizers, service repairs and replacement of plants & trees are subject to additional fees. Homeowner will be notified immediately with photos and estimate of any problem found. Knightscapers will keep a watch on your property and weekly photos will be sent for residents with seasonal homes.  Knightscapers is not responsible for established plants, grass or trees that are subject to disease and dying. This is a preventive maintenance service only. This is in addition to your traditional cut and blow gardening service..